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Equine Health Requirements

Important Equine Health Information

Headlands Management takes all precautions regarding the health, welfare and safety of all exhibitors, both equine and human. We are counting on everyone’s cooperation with all the protocols we are putting in place to run a safe horse show for all.


USEF VACCINATION RECORD (REQUIRED): The USEF Vaccination Record form must be completed. The following information must be included: date of vaccination, place of vaccination, vaccine name, vaccine batch, and vaccine route mode. Form must be signed and stamped by attending veterinarian. Within 6 months (180 days) of each show: Equine Influenza Within 6 months (180 days) of each show: EHV 1 and EHV 4 If a vaccination will expire during one of the shows, the horse must receive its new vaccination prior to being issued a competition number for that show.

TRAINER DECLARATION OF HEALTH (REQUIRED): Trainer must sign the Trainer Health Declaration form to confirm that all horses entering the show grounds have been in good health with no sign of infectious disease and have not had a fever above 101.5°F within the last 14 days. Signing this forms confirms that the horses listed are not demonstrating any signs of EHV-1, have not had any known exposure to EHV1 in 21 days, and are not coming from a property with known EHV-1 positive cases.

14 DAY TEMPERATURE LOG (REQUIRED): A 14 day temperature log, with temperature taken twice per day will be required upon arrival. You will present this paperwork filled out at the Check in gate in order to enter the grounds. Failure to present the Temperature log will result in denied access to the grounds.

PRESENTATION OF HEALTH REQUIREMENTS (REQUIRED): The Equine Health Requirements are Required for all horses entering the Show Grounds. These documents must be in the Show Office before any competition numbers will be issued. In addition, random checks for Equine Health Requirements will occur. Be sure to keep a copy of all of your horse’s Equine Health Requirements in an easily accessible spot (in your tack room or tack trunk, truck or trailer) to ensure you can comply with this requirement. The results on all required papers must indicate the horse’s registered (show) name. Any horse not accompanied by these documents will be denied entry. Any horse showing signs of fever/illness/stress is subject to examination by HMI Officials and/or the Show Veterinarian, who may at their sole discretion, place the horse in quarantined stabling or take further action if deemed necessary.

These forms are required to bring a horse to all HMI Horse Shows and must be submitted 24 hours before arrival. All horses stabled on the show grounds must arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If it is necessary to arrive at any other time you must contact the show office 24 hrs before arrival. On Mondays between shows, stalls will not be available until 12 noon. Due to the severity of the EHV-1 cases that are currently in California, the paperwork that will be required to bring a horse to the HMI Events showgrounds will be considered truthful and factual. In the event of any of these protocols being ignored, we will refuse further entries from all related horses and we will inform USEF for further disciplinary action. Noncompliance with these protocols will result in penalties imposed by USEF on trainers and owners as well as competitions that knowingly permit non-compliant horses on the showgrounds. A breach of this and you and your horses will be asked to leave the showgrounds.

In order for an AFFECTED/POSSIBLY EXPOSED horse to be eligible to return to USEF competition, one of the following three requirements must be met:

    • Two negative PCR tests within 14 days after leaving the facility with EHV-1 cases, one at day 7 and one at day 14 
    • One negative PCR test within 21 days after leaving the facility with EHV-1 cases, at day 21
    • Horse must be quarantined for 28 days after leaving the facility with EHV-1 cases.


USEF Return to Competition Declaration:

USEF Competition EHV-1 Declaration Form:

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